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More tips for sensational sex

More tips for sensational sex

People are always giving us advice so we keeping these tips short and to the point to immediately freshen up your sex life with ten easy to implement sex tips. In fact, you can set upon any of the below today.


  1. Not one toy but two. One for you and one for your partner and take in turns.

  2. Meet and greet in a new location. Play act and setup roles to spice things up. Google some ideas on role play ideas for couples.

  3. Explore a new position. Act it out clothed first to make sure your bodies are up for it.

  4. If you’re not used to giving direction then take the lead and talk more about what you would like to happen.

  5. Shake up a delicious cocktail with all the trimmings and serve it in style or naked!

  6. Go low and slow. Forget fast, and feast on a long lengthy evening of slo-mo bliss.

  7. Gaze at your partner with a giddy look right in the midst of the tango. Make them feel like a movie star.

  8. Try toes, elbows or behind ears for sweet touchy sensations. Taking your partners fingers and drawing a line around your body is a nice option too.

  9. Take a break and wait until the end of the week. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  10. Send nice love notes. Less is often more.

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