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Why the heck are butt plugs so popular?

 Morning coffee in hand and checking all my usual morning mobile “go-tos” the above headline caught my eye.  Pause; keeps scrolling, pause; scrolls back. I’m known to be slow on the uptake but yes - why are butt plugs aka anal plugs extremely popular?

When did this happen?  Must have been while I took a trip down the proverbial family garden path whereby Exploring the sexual realm is a parallel universe. Then boom! Butt plugs are viral. So here goes the reasons:


  1. Your bum is full of fun. Well of course who didn’t know your butt is a conglomeration of nerve endings. When these anal nerve endings are stimulated while you’re enjoying your usual sexual romp, foreplay, or alone time, the final result can be quite pleasurable. And even more so with a plug in your butt.

  2. Physiologically men have a prostate, located five to seven centimetres on the anterior (front) wall of the anus. When stimulated a man can experience an orgasm without even touching his penis. Say no more, guys are hard-wired for these things.

  3. Unlike the other erogenous zones, there is something taboo, almost a bit naughty about the anus. So the fact in itself increases the excitement of your sexual play.

  4. Women are favouring these sex toys as they like the feeling of fullness. When the anus is plugged more pressure is created on the back vaginal wall, increasing sensation levels. The shape of the butt plug can also change the shape of the vagina, resulting in a different sensation when having sex with a male partner.

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